ETNO Ring Boxes

Elevate your rings with Arturo Facchini’s ETNO boxes. Exclusive design, high-quality materials, and artisanal care. Protection and style in a single solution for those seeking excellence in jewelry storage.


ETNO Ring Boxes: Elegance and Refined Quality

Arturo Facchini’s ETNO ring boxes are a high-quality product, perfect for those seeking cases that combine style and sophistication. Their elegant and contemporary design is crafted with cardboard covered in embossed paper, featuring an elephant-skin-inspired print and complemented by a 15mm double satin ribbon coordinated with the box’s color. The interior is lined with Multopren Multipurpose in dual colors, while the shopper has handles matching the box’s lid, crafted from the same embossed paper.

The materials used in creating ETNO boxes perfectly meet design, durability, and protection needs. The default gold or silver print inside the lid adds an extra touch of refinement. These cases embody the excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship, representing the ideal choice for those seeking a premium and durable product.

Our extensive range of ring boxes offers optimal features for safely and satisfyingly storing your jewelry. Each box has a sturdy closure that protects your precious rings from potential damage. With a variety of designs and sizes, we cater to all styles and adapt to any type and shape of a ring.

ETNO Ring Boxes: Choose Excellence

The quality and precision in crafting these cases make them a top choice for both storage and display of your rings. The contemporary design ensures that jewelry is always presented with elegance, while the carefully crafted and durable interior guarantees impeccable protection.

Our company, Arturo Facchini, has been renowned for years for Made in Italy craftsmanship in this product category, ensuring quality, style, and durability. Thanks to ETNO boxes, your precious ring will be stored, cared for, and protected as it deserves.

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Additional information


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