STAR Ring Boxes

STAR Ring Boxes: Timeless elegance. Innovative design and refined details to protect your jewelry with style.


STAR Ring Boxes: timeless elegance

The STAR ring box  from Arturo Facchini embodies the perfect blend of innovative design and timeless elegance. With its sophisticated style and high-quality details, this box is ideal for showcasing and safeguarding rings securely and stylishly, ensuring both protection and sophistication.

Crafted from durable cardboard, it features a lid covered in shiny gold or silver paper and a 25mm satin ribbon in shades of brown or blue. The bottom, available in brown or blue tones, adds an extra touch of refinement. The inner print of the sky is gold for brown variants and silver for blue ones.

To enhance its versatility, you can add a coordinated shopper with 25mm grosgrain handles. Shoppers vary depending on the variant: for gold/brown boxes, the shopper has a gold base with brown handles, while for silver/blue boxes, the shopper has a silver base with blue handles. The harmony between elements maintains a consistent and elegant style.

Arturo Facchini’s STAR ring boxes are available in two captivating variants: 09 26 Silver/Blue and 39 40 Gold/Brown. Practical and durable, these cases offer an elegant and functional solution for storing jewelry, with the added versatility of the shopper.

A timeless touch for your jewel

STAR boxes are the result of Arturo Facchini’s craftsmanship experience, focusing on distinctive design and quality. An excellent choice for those seeking unique and secure cases for their rings. Contact us for further details.

Additional information

Additional information


5×5, 7×7, 9×9


Oro-Marrone_3940, Standard Color

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